Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dear Poppy: Week ?

Dear Poppy,

I guess you are now the size of an apple seed...almost the size of a pea!! When we found out we were pregnant with you, the first thing we read was that you are the size of a poppyseed - and now we call you poppy. We promise to not put that on your birth certificate. :)

We found out about you last Thursday, October 27 - the day after daddy turned 40. We were packing our house in St Michaels and I found a pregnancy test that we had bought a few months ago. We had to quickly hide it when we had unexpected guests one night! Anyways, I saw it and thought to myself, "When was the last time I had my period?" I asked daddy and he said, "YOU'RE PREGNANT!" haha. So, I took the test and immediately told him no because there was just one line. Then about 10 seconds later, the second line appeared. Daddy had his head poked into the bathroom and started smiling. We were in complete shock. In a great way! We couldn't believe it. We kind of sat together for about 15 minutes, and I started googling stuff. I have no idea what I'm doing, Poppy!! Daddy's had two daughters, so he's the one teaching me.

That night, daddy went to get some dinner at Panera and I asked him to stop and get another test. Sure enough, it came out positive again. It all started making sense...the last two times that I drank wine with dinner, I got extremely nauseous. I was kind of constipated, which never happens to me, and my boobs hurt so bad. None of these really caught my attention at the time, but looking back, it all makes sense. It's amazing how quickly my body is changing.

I used to have a glass of wine/cocktail/beer each night (sometimes a couple), and I haven't even missed it. I am not going to do anything to risk hurting you! Daddy kind of giggles when I ask him questions about what I can and cannot do/eat during pregnancy, but I want to make sure you are the healthiest poppyseed ever born! And so does he...we were talking about whether we hope you're a boy or a girl, and we both just want you to be healthy. (P.S. Daddy has a lot of girls in his family - and some twins - so may or may not be surprised!)

We went to visit Daddy's mom, brother and sister-in-law this past weekend and told them at dinner. When I ordered "just water" that was the first thing out of their mouths! We aren't telling many people - we want to wait until we see a doctor in a few weeks. I am kind of nervous about telling my parents because we aren't married, but I know they are going to be SO exited to have a are going to be their first! You are going to be SO spoiled!!! :)

We just got back to St Michaels and are watching some football...daddy is taking a nap and I just took a third test - just to be sure.'re still there!! I am over-the-moon-excited for you to join our lives. It's amazing to think that you are growing so quickly inside of me! They say that your heart is growing this week - I wish I could hear it already. I can't see you yet, but I know that won't be too long now.

Time to go for a walk and build a's our second-to-last night in this house. It's very bittersweet, but moving to Maine with my family couldn't have come at a better time. You are going to be surrounded by love all of the time! I promise you a wonderful life. :)

Mom (wow, that's the first time I have written that)

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