Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Poppy: Week 11 Update

How far along?
11 Weeks and 2 Days

Size of the little darling?
A lime! About 2"which seems so small (obviously), but it's still unbelievable to think that a little person, with hands and feet, is inside of me!

Maternity Clothes?
I luckily had a few pairs of jeans that were too big for me, so I am wearing those, along with maternity dress pants, a skirt and a dress...lots of leggings (I need to get some maternity ones) and tights!

Weight Gain?
I have actually lost a few pounds since finding out I was pregnant due to not drinking anymore! I know that will change soon!

Stretch Marks?
Nope...just bought some cocoa butter, though!

We keep saying "she" but we don't know yet and won't know for another 5 - 9 weeks (depending on when we can get a sonogram)

I haven't felt anything, but we saw s/he move at our first ultrasound!

I have no problem falling asleep, but always wake up in the middle of the night and am awake for about an hour. I get tired throughout the day, but nothing like how I was during weeks 4-6. I usually go to bed around 10 and get up around 7. I have heard from other mommies-to-be that they sleep a LOT more, so I am thankful that I can make it through the day without having to take a nap!

Food Cravings?
Nothing weird, just a lot of carbs. I cannot do chicken, Asian or anything else out of the norm. I am loving pizza, cheeseburgers and grilled cheese!

What I Miss?
An occasional glass of wine at dinner or beer during football games. I was the only sober one at my birthday party, which was fine, but still different for me!

Nauseous! I have only gotten sick a few times, but get nauseous really easily when I am hungry, so I always keep some pretzels or saltines handy. Ginger ale has also been my BFF. 

Best Moment of the Week?
Our first ultrasound! It was a-MA-zing to see our little person on the screen...and we got our first gift for Poppy: a baby blanket for my birthday! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Girl/Boy, What are you doing to me?

I am officially 11 weeks and 1 day...and I am still feeling sick. Everyone says it should end around week 14, but it seems to be getting worse.

My birthday was this past Saturday and I had a wonderful time!

Friday night, we went to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and went on a horse ride through the city. Mom said I had a glow while we were on the ride - just something about sitting next to Daddy, riding through the city I love, and knowing that next year at this time you will be with us, had me in the best of the best moods!

Saturday, we woke up so early that we took a mid-morning nap. We went to lunch with the Glaser and shared our news with them; they were so excited! We came home and took another nap - I told you I have been feeling worse! We got up, got ready and met Grandpa, Sarah, Maria and her boyfriend, Frank, Magen and Jim Lawler for some dinner and bowling. It was exactly what I wanted to do. Since I couldn't drink, I wanted to do something - not just go to dinner. It was tons of fun, but I was exhausted when we got home at 11!

Sunday was spent resting. Football, Kardashians (please don't grow up to be like Kim or Khloe!) and Panera for lunch. I haven't been able to eat chicken, but was craving their Thai Chicken Salad! I think there is enough flavor that the chicken taste didn't bother me at all! I was in bed a little after 9, but kept waking up every hour or so.

Poor Daddy has to deal with me feeling sick and not being as cuddly as usual. I hate not being able to be as close to Daddy as I normally am, but I am just so uncomfortable that I move a lot and have to get up to eat crackers, go to the bathroom, etc...he's a trooper, though! He is such a huge help. Your Dad has the biggest heart - you will learn that soon enough! You are so lucky to have him as a role model!

Anyways, that's the update for now. You got a few gifts this past weekend, but those will have to wait until I take pictures! Your Aunties (my girlfriends) are already spoiling you. :)


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dear Poppy: Our little PRUNE!

We saw you!!! You are really in there, Poppy!!!! We had our first ultrasound and doctor's appointment yesterday and I almost lost it. As soon as you popped up on the monitor, I started crying then laughing (I don't know...just nerves?). I looked at Daddy and he had a twinkle in his eye that I've never seen before. You are REAL! I cannot believe it. Seeing you made this whole experience so much more real. Of course I knew you were in there before we saw you, but geez...what an unbelievable thing. 

You are about 1.5 inches and already have fingers! At first, you were sleeping, so there was no action, but all of the poking and moving around, you awoke and started dancing for us! You even waved. :) It was truly the best experience of my life. I'm sure I will be saying that a lot over the next months (and years!), but seriously...

We left the doctor's with a folder stuffed with information about foods, medications, classes, exercises, sure are high maintenance already ;) I am signing up for every class I can. I don't want to let you down, little person!

Sidenote: I can't believe we have to wait another 10 weeks to find out if you are a he or a about anxiety!!!!!! 

That's all for now, Poppy. I am still getting sick and can't eat everything (ie. chicken, Asian, anything that's not carbs and cheese) but Daddy is taking great care of me - backrubs, foot rubs, Wendy's runs ;) He's a keeper for sure! You are one lucky baby to have him as a Daddy. (P.S. Did you read what he wrote about me? Holy tear drops!)

Bye for now, little thang...this weekend is my birthday and I am positive you will be getting lots of attention from everyone!! I am so popular right now thanks to you!!! :) 


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Poppy's Mama

Hi Poppy! This is Daddy...I know your snug as a bug right now, growing and getting all ready to live life with your mother and I!  We are very excited to meet you, we're not quite sure if your a poppy or a pop but either way its fine!! This has been the most exciting time for us, when we found out you were on your way we were as your mama likes to say....'excited to the moon and back!'

It is nice to watch  Mama experience carrying you, she's absolutely in love with it and you...she's gonna be such a great mother, and I will be a great Daddy as well, WE CANNOT WAIT!!  We have COMPLETELY changed our lives professionally and personally to enjoy life together as a FAMILY! You already have two sisters, Peyton and Mica, they are beautiful girls and I can't wait to tell them about you! They will be very excited and great sisters to you Poppy! They are precious to us!!

For us, every day is filled with joy and wonder, wondering how you are doing, how you will look, if you'll be a boy or a girl, how much you will weigh, what color your hair will be, whose feet and nose and fingers and eyes and tushy and legs and personality you will have...I know you'll probably be a combination of us, your Mama and I always make fun of new parents who say their children look just like the father or the mother.....well DUH....thats who made the little booger right?! haha

However, I want to tell you a secret Poppy...I am HOPING that you will be a carbon copy of your Mama, she is the most beautiful person inside and out. She is, of course, physically beautiful, but what makes your Mama beautiful is who she is. She is caring, thoughtful, patient, gentle, fun, spontaneous, passionate, intelligent, driven, warm hearted, strong, selfless, non judgemental, street smart, has an infectious laugh, and most of my best friend. I am so lucky to be sharing a life with your mother. She is absolutley perfect to me, and I cannot wait for you to meet her, she'll be your best friend too!!!

Dont tell Mama I gave you the heads up ;) ....You'll thank me later in life!  Love you Poppy!! Dad