Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dear Poppy: I Know You're in There!

Dear Poppy,

You sure do have a way of waking me up lately! I have been stashing a sleeve of saltines and a bottle of water by our bed for your early morning reminders that you are in there. :) Nausea has been coming and going for the last two weeks, but I finally felt OK the past two mornings...until this morning. Poor Daddy's face when he sees me eating saltines at 6:30 am; I know he wishes he could help, but his sweetness is just what the doctor ordered. He is so enamored with you, Poppy! He talks to you, kisses you and looks at you all the time! It's the sweetest thing to see his face light up when your name is mentioned.

Have we mentioned that we call you "she?" Since Daddy already has two girls, we are thinking you may follow in their steps, but who knows? Maybe you will surprise us and be a mini-me for Daddy. :) We have caught ourselves looking at baby clothes at the GAP, looking at nurseries online and reading blogs about having a baby. We are so excited!

Right now, we still haven't told my parents because we are waiting to get a sonogram picture to give them in a frame...we just have to get insurance first! Since I don't have insurance (or a job), I am going to go with MaineCare for the pregnancy - it covers everything pre-, during and post-labor to make sure you are the healthiest little baby out there! Hopefully we can go tomorrow to get insurance and see you very soon!!

We are looking at a late-June, early-July birthday for you; it seems so far away, but I know it's going to fly by! We feel so blessed, Poppy. And I feel so blessed that God has chosen Daddy to be the father of my children. Even thought we aren't married yet, we know that everything happens for a reason, and we are more than excited to begin this new adventure together!

Love Always,

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